Tania: United States and Author Jesus Velasco Essay

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Tania Paniagua
December 12, 2012

The Mexican American War

Imagine two worlds. In one world, the Americans (U.S.) could just start war with any country without it being justified. In the other world, Americans are held accountable for their actions, and must have a reason to go to war with Mexico.
The Mexicans got Texas in early 1821 by declaring independence from it’s mother country, Spain. Mexicans then let the Americans come in to live in Texas if they’d respected the rules and culture. The Americans didn’t respect the rules of the
Mexicans at all. I argue that the Americans decision of starting war was not justified because they didn’t have good reasons to go to war like Americans were threatening Mexico and Mexico was declared independence first from spain for
The Americans were not justified in going to war with Mexico because
America was being greedy for a believe of manifest destiny. Then the U.S. takes over Texas . Author Jesus Velasco Marquez stated,”when Mexican government learned of the treaty signed between Texas and the U.S. in April 1844 , it … would consider such an act ‘declaration of war’” (Doc C). The Mexicans let the U.S. come into Texas when they owned it but the Americans were being disrespectful. It’s like if you find a staid and you feed it,clean it and you basically give them a home , but the dog just destroys your house.
The Americans were not justified in going to war with Mexico was because
Americans were threatening Mexicans, while Mexico isn’t doing nothing wrong . The
Mexicans just crossed part of Texas because they thought it was still their land.
Author Jesus Velasco stated, “ As a consequence, the Mexican government