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Comparison or Contrast
Rich and Poor
Long ago, the world was divided into two categories of people; the rich and the poor. There was no middle class. There are certain aspects of being rich and being poor that depict their differences such as freedom, options, and choices. The rich have more money at their disposal to do whatever they want. The rich have certain advantages over the poor. Wealthy people seem to have a more glamorous life, while the poor seem miserable. They have the freedom to go wherever they want and to do whatever they want. With this freedom, they have options. For example, T. D. Jakes has stated, “Money dictates what you wear and where you live. It is the difference between flying coach, first-class, or flying your own.” Money buys options and without it, you have fewer choices or no choice at all. These choices can be the unlimited and with such unlimited choices, there is a tendency to make mistakes. Look at the mistakes that have been made by people who have more money than a person can count. They are the most miserable people in the world. However, contrary to that popular belief, the poor seem happier today than ever before. While the poor struggle financially, they still have a certain freedom that cannot be bought. They have the freedom to develop skills that wealthy people take for granted or have the opportunity to learn such as clean your own home, cook your own food, or make repairs to your car. This is done because there is no money to outsource these things. The poor have to learn to make do with what they have. When there is little money, there are fewer options. Sometimes, there are no options. The poor have the option to be miserable or happy, to work or receive assistance, and to