Essay about Taoism: Taoism and Tai Chi

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April 23 2013
The Basics
Taoism is sometimes spelt Daoism and and is pronounced that way (daoism).
Tao means “path” or “the way”.
Tai Chi is the main exercise.
The Beginnings
Exact history not known.
Legend has it that Lao-Tzu founded it around 604 bce.
Started as a philosophical belief.
Chang Tao-ling changed it to a religion several hundreds of years later.
Key beliefs
The ultimate goal is to harmonize with Tao, a force that flows through life.
Nurturing your Ch’i (energy) is very important.
Practice Wu Wei.
Seek and Develop virtues of the 3 jewels.
Time is not linear but in a circle.
Wu Wei
The literal meaning is “action without action”.
Example: water is soft and weak but it can move earth and shatter stone.
Taoists believe that if a person can control this potential they will be in harmony with the natural universe.
But! If someone exerts his will against the world he destroys his harmony and that of the world.
Great energy is unleashed by working with the universe.
Tai Chi derived from martial art movements which are derived from the natural movements of birds and animals.
Tai Chi is a meditative exercise for the body.
The main goal is to improve the circulation of Chi within the body, improving health and vitality.
Another aim is to foster a calm and tranquil mind by focussing on the precise execution of the movements.
* A balance of light and dark is essential for preserving well being.
The Three Jewels - Also known as the three treasures
The first is love (compassion, tenderness, mercy benevolence) - being loving one can be brave.
The second is moderation - an economy within nature that does not waste anything.