Tapas Lounge Busines Plan Essay

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“An Elegant Cuisine Geared Towards Variety and Conversation”


Mission Statement 3
Executive Summary 3
Concept 3
Goals and Objectives 3
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Marketing Overview 5
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Mission Statement

Tapas lounge is committed to creatinge an environment that provides the best quality food and , customer service. and patron conversation. By fulfilling these objectives Tapas Lounge shall generate a solid profit to allow us to contribute to the community we serve..

Executive Summary

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to formulate business plans tthato leave the impression of perfection, highlighting strengths and camouflaging any risks. We, at Tapas Lounge, have analyzed the market and financial commitment needed for the success of our restaurant. Tapas Lounge’s intent is to have a comprehensive business, marketing and financial plan that not only outlines the means to obtain capital investment. while but bringings together people and together for quality fooddining, catered by our team of passionate leaders. We provide quality service and fine dining at an affordable price while meeting each individuals personal needs to create ‘Raving Fans’.


“An Elegant Cuisine Geared Towards Variety and Conversation”

Need to get away from the oversized entrees you’re used to at your favorite restaurant? Then settle in to a cozy restaurant that encourages conversation with your friends and family instead of focusing on an entire meal lying ahead for you. .

At its core, Tapas Lounge is a new fresh idea tthat willo bring our community closer.. But oOur concept, however ,however, goes beyond just that. TheOur menu is dominated of the highest grade of products including meats, fish, poultry, produce, and local beer. Tapas Lounge exceeds in allevery ways to please ourthe campus community. To complete our concept, Tapas Lounge will strives to meet our customers’ desire for a quality meal by providing excellence in customer service. Tapas Lounge understands that our customers’ priorities are to eat well, concentrate on their health and at the same time demonstrate a sense of community.

Our concept was derived from analytical market research prepared by theour marketing team who surveyed Pace University students, researched industry statistics and local eateriesthe growing popularity of Tapas restaurants throughout the Tri-state area. The sense of community and conversation between our patrons and staff will truly signify our consistent behavior towards our customer’s wants and needs. According to the National Restaurant Association, 76% of Americans want to eat healthier than ever before, 70% of people are more likely to go to a restaurant that sells locally produced food and 52% of Americans want to go to restaurants that support charity organizations and the local community. Tapas Lounge’s goal to strive for the wellness of our customers and environment will attract the close knit community of Pace University to our establishment.
Goals and Objectives
Occupancy. Fill all 80 settingsseats within the first 45 minutes of opening. Be able to provide a short wait time of 10-15 minutes for seating.
Sales. $2,500 on opening night and exceeding $3,000 on the second.
Employee retention and development programs will be a main focus and part of the success platform for our business. Through our team building and development programs we will be able to draw experienced professionals and build a committed work force.
Provide what they want. PNot only provide consistency ftor our customers and, but also make sure our team has complied with all business practices.
Cost control. This will be an integrated function of the restaurant from the beginning. We will review our sales, costs and gross profits with our investors. 10%