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This memo is in reference to my topic for paper number 3.
For my paper I have chosen to focus on Nora Ephron’s “The Boston Photographs” and Errol Morris’ “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”. I believe the blocked format will be more fitting for this topic to group comparisons and dissimilarities together. These two essays are similar but have different focuses on photography.
Ephron’s essay focuses on the use of controversial photographs specifically a set of images following an attempted fire rescue. It depicts the women falling along with a child. Second prior to the woman’s death this image was captured. She describes how it captures real images and events not just the aftermath. By the use of real images the devastation is more profound rather than as in the example she uses “some crumpled cars” to depict an accident. She tells how many people were outraged by the publishing of these photos.
In Morris’s essay he explains to true and false pictures and how they cannot be described in this way. Without a caption the picture does not truly “say a thousand words.” Only speculations and a guess can be made as to what is in the picture. He uses the example of a ship that looks similar to the titanic but is actually of the Lusitania. The picture contains only a title and no information on when it was taken. You can imagine it might have even been taken moments before the tragic accident or on a different voyage. Without the title thought, there is no way to distinguish this picture from the titanic.
Your projected Topic: Photographs
Your projected Angle: imagery and the power a photo contains
Your projected Purpose: to show readers how different one photo can be based on the moment taken as well as the caption included if any or none at all.
Your projected Readers: Anyone interested in photography
A projected title: The power of imagery
Your hook / lead in: