Target Corporation and Preferred Shopping Destination Essay

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Target Corporation

Introduction My reasoning for choosing this company because I am currently a Target team member. I been working for the company for about three years now. I love the company it is a great company to work. The Target Corporation is one of the most respected companies today in the United States. Target is a fortune 500 company. Target Corporation was founded in 1902, in which wasn’t always named Target Corporation at the time. George Dayton opened a store by the name of Good Fellows in downtown Minneapolis, which remains at the same location today. Over the next few years they continue to change the name. In 1962 the Dayton Company decided they then ventured out into the discount merchandising world when they opened the first Target store. They continue to make improvements to the stores and continue trying to venture out fully into the discount merchandising world. Target is the preferred shopping destination for their customers because they deliver outstanding value, innovation, and an exceptional guest experience. They offer an assortment of general merchandise and food assortment. They offer an expanded food assortment which includes some perishable and some additional dry, dairy, and frozen items. Target should be able to find many neighborhoods or locations close to city centers that have a higher customer popularity to generate sufficient revenue to justify their costs of the land. As they continue to grow in size, it will be able to continue to make an economic scale in advertising and out sourcing to make their products more competitive.