Target Corporation's Competitive Advantage

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Target Corporation is general merchandise in a retail trade industry offering a high-quality product, a unique style and a brand recognized across the U.S. The competitive Strategy is a generic strategy employed by the company and how it helps the company achieve sustained competitive advantage. The cost of leadership, the differentiation, or focus on a target market ranges from narrow to broad are the generic strategies that company pursue (SNHU, 2016). The delivery of more values efficiently to the customer than its rivals is an outcome of the company employing the basic approaches to gain competitive advantage. More value is translated into superior products at a lower price or the best value. The greater efficiency allows the company to delivery at a low cost and these are possible only if the value chain activities of the company are far superior over its rivals. In addition, the companies need to develop skilled resources that are very competitive and capable of achieving efficient delivery that its competitors cannot …show more content…
The product differentiation and the superior supply chain technology bring down the operation cost. This helps Target Corporation to pursue "A best-cost provider strategy" that blends elements of low-cost provider and differentiation strategies giving a sustainable advantage. Partnering with an exclusive name brand will help more traffic online and to a store. Target value chain activates such as inbound supply logistics sustainability, produce supplies with a high quality vendor and partners, outbound logistic to move the goods to customer promptly and efficiently, provide a great customer service for returns, extend the return by 30 more days with the target card, superior cutting-edge technology and talented workforce supports its generic strategy of "Expect more Pay