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1.1. Company History
George Draper Dayton found the company; it was named as Dayton Dry Goods Company. In 1911, it was known as Dayton’s department store. The birth of the target was in 1962 the first Grand opening was in Roseville. In 2001 target open in 47 states after opening its 1000th store. They are welcoming the Canadian for their first store north of the border, also they opening 124 stores across Canada throughout the year of 2013.
1.2. Company Culture/Mission
Target mission is to make the target a preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value for the customer and continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling their expect more with pay less as brand promise. Target cultures are friendly, fun and collaborative. They provide it as the pace is first, the atmosphere is fun and the people are friendly. Every team member is encouraged to innovate, contribute ideas and discover a solution as a part to improve the team.
1.3. Company Problems/Challenges
There are three major problems of target by losing cheap chic, the customer made 2.7% fewer transaction at target compared to 2012, included a 5.5% drop in the fourth quarter it was the worst result since the retailer began to disclose such metrics in 2008. Second is standing off at the grocery, and the third of opening 120 stores in Canada all at once, in a massive launch. The retail chain did a poor job of replicating its American shopping experience in Canada. The challenges for target are to become more