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Tarik Sehovic
Dr. Orlando
Foundation of Education
September 26, 2014

Teaching Philosophy
Seldom, do we think about the purpose of our education, especially throughout our childhood and teenage years. I believe the purpose of our education is to teach us how to become outstanding citizens so that we may benefit ourselves and society. Through education we learn morals, discipline and other ways of life in which return creates a better life and cultured society. This gives individuals a deep understanding of life and makes them capable of surviving. Teachers are the foundation of a cultured society. Teachers shouldn’t only be considered the ones who teach to students at schools, but the parents and as well as the community should be recognized as one together. Their responsibilities are to alleviate students by personal and caring relationships within the community. Their responsible with teaching the student understanding and meaningfulness of what is being taught, giving tips in improving their self-confidence, reducing their academic stress, develop their resilience and improve their creativity. Through this will build trust and healthier academic and social climate for students within the community. A student’s role in enquiring knowledge should be active in wanting to learn. Asking questions about situations and things that they don’t understand will only benefit them in developing into a better person or scholar. Another, important role for the students is to express their own ideas about certain subject or situations. This will allow the student to establish his own way of enquiring knowledge. Even though a student may get bored with certain subjects it’s their responsibility to motivate themselves or at least think of ways they can grasp what’s coming to them, so that they may apply this new learning. Type of skills that should be taught to students should depend on their environment. For instance, a student who lives on a farm should be taught to read, write and count money. Since, majority of their lives they will be dealing with the farm industry, a person will need to know how to conduct proper business. Not only is that important, they should also be taught about difficult situations. For example, dreadful situations when the crops didn’t come in as expected or the crops have been afflicted by natural disasters. Here, they will need to know what to do in this difficult situation so that they may deal properly with their other responsibilities, such as their livestock and family. On the other hand people