Tarleton State University Essay

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Kayli Crouch
February 27, 2015
Tarleton State University
I. Introduction
Attention getter: How many of you love attending Tarleton State University know the history of our school? Well today I am going to inform you of John Tarleton, his journey in life and about Tarleton State University.
A. I am a sophomore here at Tarleton State University and I feel that tradition and knowing about your school is a key to loving it more than you could imagine.
B. Thesis: Tarleton State University has a long history full of tradition and growth.
C. The main points that I will be going over today is
i. The history of John Tarleton ii. Tarleton State University’s history iii. Tarleton State University now.

II. Body
A. John Tarleton and how he founded Tarleton State University
1. According to the late Doctor Christopher Guthrie of Tarleton State University: Tarleton’s birth year is questioned to this day; the years range from 1807-1811. His parents died within three years of each other before he was 10. John went to live with his aunt in Virginia while his brother whose name is unknown went to live with other relatives in Virginia.
2. While he was in his teens John left his aunt to get an education that she promised him but never went through with. He worked as a woodcutter and a field hand. Later he got his education and became a teacher where he made $30.00 an hour then left a clerk at the dry goods store where he made $25.00 an hour.
3. John later moved to Erath County where he lived until he died in 1895. In his will he left all of his fortune to start a school in Stephenville, which would eventually be Tarleton State University.
B. TSU’s History
1. According to the late Doctor Christopher Guthrie of Tarleton State University, J. Thomas Davis and Nancy Beck Young of the Texas State Historical Association: Tarleton opened to the public September 3, 1899. It started out as a “senior” college but then changed to a junior college due to inadequate funding at the time.
2. The first name of the school was “John Tarleton College”, but in 1949 was changed to “John Tarleton Agricultural College” after a bill was passed establishing it as a branch of Texas A&M at Stephenville. Tarleton became a 4 year university in 1959 and in 1973 became known as “Tarleton State University” with Dr. W.O. Trogden as the universities president.
C. Tarleton Now
1. According to Tarleton State University’s home page: Tarleton now has its highest enrollment which is 11,681 students.
2. Tarleton has 4 campuses located throughout North and Central Texas. The campuses are in Midlothian, Fort Worth, Waco and right here in its original home, Stephenville. There are also degrees that can be received through online classes.
3. Tarleton offers 97…