Tartuffe Stock Characters Essay

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Tartuffe Stock Characters
Look at the sheet with descriptions of each of the commedia stock characters and to offer suggestions for directing the final section of Act 2 with Marianne, Valere and Dorine and also the first part of Act 2 with Orgon, Marianne and Dorine from where Dorine is found earwigging on their conversation.
At the beginning of act 2, Orgon tries forcing Mariane into marrying Tartuffe while Dorine stands behind the door and listens to their conversation and just as Orgon opens the door to leave, Dorine falls in. In this scene, Dorine would be kneeling on the floor with ears placed on the door and as Orgon opens the door, Dorine would fall in slightly but act as if she was scrubbing the floor. Orgon would jump up slightly away from the door with a little squeaky scream to immediately show who the joke of the family is. He would look really confused and distressed as if still trying to figure out what Dorine was doing on the floor. He would pull his coat down straightening it and pull his collar up to show he’s still head of the family while confronting Dorine for eavesdropping.
Dorine would then go on to tease Orgon about the fact that he’s forcing Mariane into a marriage with Tartuffe. While engaging in conversation, Dorine would act really witty and sarcastic about the situation that Orgon is very serious about which will in turn enrage Orgon. Orgon would start off the conversation with Dorine quite calmly but the more sarcastic Dorine gets in her responses to Orgon, the angrier he gets. In a very angered, loud voice, he would say, “It’s not a joke,” while Dorine laughs and turns to Mariane responding, “Oh Mariane, he’s such a scallywag this man, it’s all a big charade this is.” Orgon would then walk towards Dorine and right before he gets to her, he would accidentally trip over the side of the couch dropping his hat but still managing to maintain his ground. Looking very embarrassed, he would pick up his hat and hold it against his chest with one hand. He would take a big breathe then with his other hand point his finger to Dorine nearly touching her nose and frustratingly say, “Now look…” in which case Dorine would turn away and walk to Mariane and carry on convincing her that it’s all a joke as Orgon gets more and more frustrated.
Near the end of this scene, Orgon will grab a hold of Dorine’s arm and escort her out of the room and while Orgon is addressing Mariane, Dorine will silently come back in and stand behind Orgon who will be startled when Dorine interrupts him and says, “He’ll suit a pair of horns, alright, she’ll cuckold him.” Orgon would furiously turn to Dorine and almost as if speechless say, “God, you’re getting into my hair, Silence, This isn’t your affair,” and then turn back to Mariane who will be sitting on a chair leaving Dorine behind him. Just as he’s about to start speaking, Dorine would pull him away from Mariane and looking into his eyes say, “I’ve got your interest at heart.” She would then put her arms around Orgon, hugging him while he hopelessly tries to escape and say, “I love you or I wouldn’t speak,” with a little kiss on the cheek. Looking very frustrated, Orgon would manage to get away from Dorine and while moving to the opposite side, he’d say, “Your love’s not needed, nor is your cheek.” At this point, Mariane will be in-between Dorine and Orgon confused about what’s going on. Orgon would then lean forward in an attempt to address Mariane stretching his hand out for Mariane to hold where Dorine will leap from her side pushing Orgon away with her hips and hold Orgon’s hand interrupting again and in a very dramatic, sarcastic manner say, “I won’t stand by while your good name goes up in spout and you are mocked and pointed out by half of….” where Orgon will interrupt her telling her to shut up.
This scene will be good in showing that Orgon is unable to control the environment in which he lives in and especially Dorine. Dorine expresses her views to Orgon in a very…