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Tashana Dixon January 31, 2014
Ms. Scheer Living Environment
Color- Changing “Sea Chameleons could inspire new Military Camouflage.”
The article I read is called Color- Changing “Sea Chameleons could inspire new Military Camouflage.” This article was written by: Denis Chow. I got the article from the source or website The article is relevant to living environment because it include cells, chemical, biology, and species. While I was reading the article there were three words I didn’t know the meaning of. The first word is Predators it means an animal that naturally preys on others. Adaptive was the second word I did not know and it mean a characterized by or given to adaptation. Pigment was the third word I did not know I mean the natural coloring matter of an animal or plant tissue. Cuttlefish are sometimes called Chameleons of the sea. The cuttlefish changes its color quick to blend in with the surrounding they’re in. Cuttlefish are not fist they are similar to slugs and snails. Cuttlefish are a special pigment containing cells call Chromatophores . Chromatophores cause the change of the color and the pattern of the skin. The cuttlefish consists of three optical components that enable a cuttlefish to reflect and absorb different colors. The components are Leucophore, Reflector, and Chromatophore. The leucophore reflect light uniform over the entire visible spectrum. The Reflector is made up of a stack of thin films. Luminescent nanostructure enables the cuttlefish to adapt quicker to their environment or to make any possible changes. The Chromatophores expand each time a cuttlefish changes it…