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Many types of agencies that work with children throughout the United States. Some agencies provide a broad range of program and services catered to several areas of a child's development. According to the Department of Family Children and Services (DFCS; n.d.), statistics indicates children were entering foster care are at increased risk of developmental delays and disabilities due to a variety of factors. To assist in identifying the best possible placement and the most needed services, a comprehensive assessment of the child and family is needed. (http://dfcs.dhs.georgia.gov/support-services-program) Leadership is a key management function. "Leadership is defined as influencing others to work willing toward achieving," (Dessler, 2001, p.168) Leaders are seen as brilliant, motivating and intelligent. The term being an effective leader means knowing when to use the right style and communication. Leaders encourage teams to obtain excellence and quality in their performance. Leaders can motivate employees to pursue a company vision.
Completing the first items are the most important, and as they are completed, they are highlighted. If something does not get done, that is near the bottom of the list is carried on to the next business day, so it can be added to a new list. Lambert calls this system the ability to kill the task instead of multi tasking. Another example of how Lambert remains focused on the task is how he removes the fun of the office by closing his door. There is a sign on the outside with a schedule if someone needs to see him they need to be placed on the schedule or scheduled through the receptionist. Being a Vice President requires a lot of work each day. Being people oriented means that Lambert gets along with everyone and is very comfortable talking to them about different things. Lambert is relationship oriented and dresses informal every day. When he is out of his office, he finds time to talk to team members about how things are going with he or she and their job. Lambert has a relaxed body posture and facial expression. His attitude can be more on the playful side. Lambert is lenient about rules, easy to get to know and very carefree. One day he was witnessed sitting down with the employee to strategize about getting referrals and someone looking at them would of thought they were long lost friends. On the topic of raising motivation skills, Lambert uses a delicate balance of communication, structure and incentives to keep the employees motivated. For Example: A team member was getting down due to a client not wanting anymore visits so Lambert encouraged the team member to not give up on the client just because they were saying no. This suggestion worked and eventually the client came around and wanted the team member to come by more often. The goal of transformation leadership is to transform people and organizations in a literal sense- to change them in mind and heart: enlarge vision, insight and understanding; clarify purposes; make behavior congruent with beliefs, principles and values; and bring about changes that are permanent bring about changes that are permanent, self perpetuating and momentum building" (Covey, 1990, p287). The impact of leadership has contributed to team members feeling trust and loyalty from the top leaders in the organization. Team members are motivated to do more than what has originally been expected of them. There has been an increase in the level of performance and commitment to Community Healthcare of Georgia. Open communication through coaching and mentoring has helped the team build strengths by listening to the clients while in the community. The company as a whole feels like a large family that shows it cares and has an open door policy which makes it easy to talk to Lambert or the owner of the company. Organizations are comprised of four major components: physical (the visible aspects of the