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Task 1 Theory exam
Assessment Instructions
Answer the questions below. Click in the space provided and type your answer.

Q1. List 5 places or organisations that provide opportunities to build international business networks. (1.1, 1.2, RS4, RK2)
1 Austrade and state/territory government agency workshop, functions and events
2 Company sponsored travel overseas
3 Conferences
4 Industry or business association functions and events
5 Key events such as (overseas and Australian) national celebrations

Q2. List 3 professional development activities or events. (1.3, RS4, RK2)
1 Attend professional society and student sections of professional society technical presentations
2 Attendance at annual meeting of provincial and national association workshops related to my field work placement
3 Research and academic writing attending continuing education programs

Q3. Why are international business networks useful? What useful information or industry knowledge can you gain through international business networks? List 3 sources of information. (1.5)
1 Building relationship, build industry knowledge and information on trends and impact on business
2 Possibility of market penetration, risks, the relevant regulations, the potential of development
3 Academic publications and personnel, advice provided by Austrade and state/territory government agencies, chambers of commerce, staff within own organisation from same cultural group as international clients and trade and business publications

Q4. In a short paragraph, describe the steps you would follow to research, identify and join an international business network. (1.1-1.6)
First, I have to decide the field that would be entering. And then, research about international business network related with that area. In several results, after choose one thing that has intimate relation with my business, research more. At the end, connect with network that has been chosen and networking through continuous communication.

Q5. List 3 sources of information on cultural information for specific countries. (2.1, RK1, 5, 6)
1 Sociological Abstracts; It provides information on sociological literature from all around the world from 1952onwards. When searching the database use the name of the country as a keyword and combine it with keywords for topic
2 Business Source Premier; It can provide sociological articles on a country. You can enter the country’s name in the search box as a keyword or as a geographical term
3 Nexis; It provides articles from national and regional newspapers from all over the world. Some articles go back to the early 80s. Articles are available in Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,