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Different types of communication:
Verbal is a type of communication with individuals use to communicate between one another and pass information on to each other. When working within a business people will need this type of communication very clearly so that other employers can understand what ever is being spoken. Whilst using this type of communication people can have a different tone of voice with different words that are being used, this is so that people can express their words differently to fit their emotion. North Notts college use this type of communication when they are training staff as they will need to communicate with staff to show them what to do also, when teachers are teaching they need to verbal communication to interact with the students and teach them what they need to be taught in that subject, if there was no verbal communication being used then students won’t know what to do.
This most type of communication that is the most common within people as it allows business to communicate and also can look at development, expectations ad legalities to employees and to contact other people/businesses in the world. This type of communication can get a message/ information across to anyone that they want to like using; a letter, email, memo and any other information that is written down. College use this type of communication to train staff and select an appropriate medium and send clear, accurate, thorough messages will improve the quality of communications, especially if there is an opportunity for feedback. They also use written to communication to contact any students that aren’t at college and need to give them information.
Screen based communication is basically any electronic communication that is displayed on a screen such s on the internet or through touch- screen information points. Information may be produced this way and the information can be shown in multimedia TV and cd-roms that combine text, graphies, animation, audio and video. The college uses this communication so that they can let people know about the college by advertising on the internet such as their website, Facebook and also twitter, this may then get more students to come to the college and study here.
Multimedia communication is the presentation of digital information in the form of text, images, sound, motion graphics, web sites, and video. Nearly all PCs are capable of displaying video so as near enough everyone has access to the internet this is a good way of communicating with people who live far away.
The college uses multi media as when they are teaching some teaches show power points on what they are learning about and also showing them pictures, graphs and videos. Also they use multimedia to advertise their college and they have an advert on the radio.
There is a variety of sources of information that business can use to communicate usually either internally or externally. A business will have to take into consideration if this information will be reliable or not, a business decisions will be based on all the information that an organisation has. This can be either internal or external so if a business were to get this wrong it could damage the business.