How To Evaluate Personal Skills

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Task 1
1.1: Methods for evaluation of personal skills
Personal skills are the key prospective to attain the strategic goal of the company. Personal skills have main role in the development of individual or organization. Personal skills are the back bone of company success. Personal skills change for every individual. Due to these skill individual make progress towards success. Every personal skill change time to time. It can get better or worse. Some of the main methods to evaluate personal skill in MBE sports plc are given below:
1) Time managing skill
Time management is one of the keys of success. Managing time is a very good skill. Without time management, no one can make any progress, even the person has all the abilities. Managing time is a skill with which someone can make profession and personal development. Taking MBE sport in consideration, if an employee is managing its time properly, it is a good skill, which can develop a good career for that specific employee.
2) Communication skill
Talking to the customer, listening to the customer, communicating with your superiors and juniors, speaking on behave of company come in the communicating skill. It is a very important part of not only your success but also in the progress of company.
MBE Sport is a regular sports firm. It has a large number of customers. Stores are normally busy. So, company need employees, which can tackle the customers effectively and help them in a better way. So communicating skill is one key skill. Company can evaluate employees by their communication skills and use some of them for the specific reception jobs or dealing customers. Effective communication also used for the claim and feedback department for solving the problems effectively. It will not only help company to make progress but also help the employees to grow and by evaluation of personal skill company can arrange in house trainings.
3) Priorities
Prioritizing work in other daily bases schedule is one of the key skills to be successive in professional life. Sometimes, some employees are very keen to work. They are passionate and the make their work prior to every other activity. This is called prioritising work. This evaluation method gives a chance to those employees who are very interested in working.
MBE sport Plc can evaluate personal skills of all the employees and then refer them appropriate training or motivation. This skill can give a chance to company to bring the employees in front who are prioritising their work or company in all other activities.

1.2: Techniques to check the professional skill

Professional skills are those skill which someone use on work to make progress in specific field. Professional skill includes different types of skills, like coaching skills, leadership skills, handling pressure of work, dealing with customers, completion of work. Some of the techniques given below to assess the professional skill in MBE Sports Plc:

Training Skills:
Being a professional, employee should be able to transfer his or her knowledge to a new or an old colleague. This skill is called training or couching skill. Training another person can develop confidence in an employee. By training