A Note On Fever

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Overview After the activity is explained, there are four stages A video about sickness is played as a hook to help students understand the topic. Students will jot rough notes about a time they were sick with fever, runny nose, or some other sickness. Students are then paired up and take turns sharing their experiences taking notes. Students are re-paired up and talk about home remedies for their illnesses. Finally, the class is brought together and shares what they talked about. Steps Before students are given instructions, the teacher should model some note-taking and sharing so that they dont waste time taking overly elaborate notes or telling elaborate anecdotes. It is also useful to nominate a timekeeper in groups to help the students stay on track. Teacher plays 1 to 2 minutes of a video about flu symptoms and treatments. Teacher models effective brainstorming notes to demonstrate that effective notes are short rather than detailed. Students take 6 minutes to write rough notes about past experiences with fever, colds, or other diseases. Teacher pairs students up and explains the next phase. Students take 15 minutes to speak about their past diseases and sicknesses taking notes while the other person is talking. Teacher then shuffles the pairs and explains the next phase. Students take 15 minutes take turns speaking about a home remedy that helped them, or would have helped them, through their experience with disease. Teacher brings the class back together and asks students to speak to the class about the notes they took, the experience they had, and the remedy they discovered. Teacher encourages students to share the conversations they had with each other. After the class discussion, teacher