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P1 Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation.

Job Advertisement
A job advertisement is an advert which is designed to attract suitable applicants for a particular job. You can advertise a job almost anywhere like a newspaper, online or even a TV advert. Tesco decided to use the internet to advertise their job adverts, the adverts are situated on the Tesco careers website. On Tesco’s job advertisement they display the job title which is a Customer Assistant, the contract type which is part time and where the job will take place which for this job advertisement is Brandlesholme. A job advertisement is important for Tesco because they need to attract the right people for the job and also need people to know what job they are looking for.

Application Form
An application form is a standard form to collect data from job applicants who are applying for specific jobs. An application form is designed to compare people on a like for like basis in order to be fair but to find the best people for the job. In Tesco’s application form they give an option of uploading your CV. Also they call their application a profile builder. The actual application form consists of basic information and contact details. Also in Tesco’s profile builder they ask for the salary you would like. Also they ask for any career history and education as well. This is important to Tesco because they want to know what experience you have had in previous jobs to see whether you can use those skills in their job.

Job Description
A job description involves the duties of the job and the responsibilities of the position. Also in some job descriptions it will include the salary. But overall the job description mainly is to describe the tasks and functions that need to be completed within the job. In Tesco’s job description which they call Role Responsibility they state first that always put the customer first because that is the most important rule for a customer assistant. The role responsibility is important because they need to know that the applicant knows what is expected of them. Also if they break the rules and regulations they need to know that before they have applied for the job they have read them so they have no excuse.

Person Specification
A person specification is a profile of personal qualities and skills of an individual and will usually specify skills that are needed on the job, knowledge, the experience that is needed, a good attitude towards work, the way you present yourself and qualifications. Tesco calls their person specification an ideal candidate which is just a different way of putting it. Tesco use this because they need to tell you what they expect of you and if you don’t feel like you can accept the role responsibility don’t apply for the job. This is important to Tesco because they need to know that they are getting the right person for the job and that can follow what is expected of them in the role responsibility.

P2 Describe the main employability personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.
Employability Skills Table
Job Title: Customer Assistant
Company: Tesco
These skills are important because:
Evidence that I have these skills:
I could improve and develop here by:
Suitable qualifications
Qualifications are key for a job at Tesco because they expect some sort academic skills. They also show you are capable of working hard and achieving goals in the workplace. If you don’t have many qualifications it can give the impression that you are lazy and don’t really care about working. Also if you have good qualifications you are more likely to get the job at Tesco compared to someone with worse ones than you.

I have suitable qualifications because in my GCSE’s I got more than 5 A – C’s which any employer looks for first including maths and English. Also I am doing a Level 3 business BTEC which is equivalent to 3 A Levels.
I could improve my qualifications by