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In this report I will be writing about the similarities and differences of Hinduism and Muslims. Hinduism and Islam are the third and second most popular religions in the world.

The 3 main differences:
- Muslims believe in ONE God, but Hindus worship many gods and goddesses.
- In Islam, all humans are created equal but Hinduism has a caste system, with four major castes.
- Hindus believe that your body and soul comes back after your death and you re-live, Muslims believe in the Day of Judgment only.

There aren’t many similarities between Muslims and Hindus. They don’t eat pork, drink alcohol or smoke. Both the national symbols of the two places are used in art work for paintings, sculptures and drawings. The forms of worship are quite similar in some ways as both of the religions read holy books; Hindus do not really have a specific holy book but there is one particular scripture that is considered holy and that is the Vedas. The Islamic holy book is known as the Quran. Muslims believe that the Quran is the book of direction and guidance for mankind.

Hindus do not eat any meat, fish or eggs but Muslims eat meat and fish as long as it is halal and that animals should be slaughtered in a certain way. Most Hindu women don’t have to cover heads when praying but Muslim women do. There are no strict requirements for men in Hinduism dress code but Muslim men adhere to a dress code which includes covering the body shape in loose garments. In Islam it…