Task 2: Est1 Essay

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John Rolph
EST1: Ethical Situations in Business
Task 2

Standards and Procedures

1.) Information Confidentiality: As an employee, you will be exposed to client-sensitive as well as company-sensitive information that is to be viewed only by those who have the authority or permission to do so. Such information to be considered “confidential” includes business contracts, financial information, internal correspondence, and any and all documentation (electronic or paper-based) that is not authorized to be disclosed to the public. Disclosure of sensitive information will lead to immediate termination and possible charges/fines (depending on the severity of the violation) as is legal under state and federal law. Employees should not
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Reports can also be made anonymous if desired. If an employee finds his or herself in violation of this code of ethics they are contractually responsible to inform their direct superior. We strongly encourage prompt reporting of unethical behavior so the actions will not further damage any more than has already been done. Compliance with the code is mandatory and not to be ignored.

Ethics Training Program
The following are focal points of emphasis in Company X’s mandatory ethics training for its staff. Other points are to be brought up by the discretion of the presenter/trainer. 1.) A firm code of ethics
It is the intention of Company X to establish a safe and fair working environment for its employees and to provide quality-driven services for the customer. The trainers will discuss the evolution of ethics within the Company and why the code is what it is. Trainees will be exposed to actual as well fictitious examples of ethics violations so as to better recognize them when and if they transpire. Notable points for this section of the training will include:

* Explanation and implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to the ethics code of Company X * Accurate finance reporting for investors * Executive officer accountability to public financial statements * Employee accountability for any unethical behavior(s) * Corporate Team’s commitment to provide ethical oversight on Company business and competitor interactions * Public