Task 2 Worksheet Essay

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Task 2 Worksheet

Office equipment
Purpose / features cost Photocopier

Can duplicate a document several time by scanning it.
The speed of it is fast can copy up to 15 pages a min. Able to adjust crooked images
Can paring different types of paper such as landscape and portrait
Can copy both sides at the same time

Research things such as when you are looking for information on a particular subject like the news, class work, booking holiday tickets the computer will make it easier for u when you visit the internet.
Play movies by going on the interned and searching for the movie you would like then it would give you different options on where to watch it such as YouTube or Netflix.
Email documents is when you are in an office or even at home and here is something important that is needed to be told, to your fellow colleagues or telling your boss that you are not able to make it the computer gives you the option to go on either hotmail, yahoo or Gmail to write the information needed then send it through softcopy.
Change hard copy into soft copy this is when you have a document such as a letter that you have written on word document and is needed to be posted to that person’s house, you then print it out in which it comes out as paper hard copy.
Not portable, a computer is not portable because it is very heavy as it has more than one thing connected to it whereby it is placed on the table so that it can balance than people carrying its around.

Copies hard copy (paper document) into soft copy which then you can see on the desktop.
Take a copy of the hard copy (paper document) that you would like to send it o someone in the other office you are able to fax it from one department to the next.
Image editor this is where when you place a creased up it would erase all those parts and if you scanning a photo which is black and white it is able to change it into colour or vies verse
Quality option, a quality of something is very important as many people see it such as if it was a certificate or a passport whish not in good condition (spilt coffee) when you scan it you are able to edit the stains off.
Colour varieties scanner is able to change a black and white photo into colour or a coloured document into black and white.

Transferring calls this is when a customer has called the wrong department u keep them on hold for few minutes while getting someone from the right department to transfer them to.
Conference calls this is when you connect more than one person from different businesses for a conference call (meeting over the phone)
Recording calls this is for safety issues in many businesses where the record the conversation that is happening between the colleagues and customer.
Last number redial is a list of number which makes it easier for the employee to call the right department needed for the customer.
Hold a call is where he customer is put on hold for few minuets so as they could find and provide them with the right service needed.
Leaving voice messages is when you call someone and they are not available at that time to talk you leaving a voice message which is