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5 specific courses of interest

Course of interest
Entry requirements
Person Specifications
What the course might lead to.
1. Petroleum Engineering
60 credits, including 45 at level 3(a minimum of 21 with Merit grade) and 15 at level 2.
Must have Good communication skills and minimum GCSE grade of C.
Master degree in petroleum engineering
Work as a petroleum engineer in many countries
2. Chemical Engineering
Applicants would generally be expected to have distinctions in Level 3 maths and chemistry units.
Must have background knowledge of organic chemistry. Have previous lab experience.
Master degree in chemical engineering
Can work as both a petroleum and chemical engineer.
3. Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Engineering-related course required
Must be able to work with small and large groups. Have good communication skills
Master degree in electrical and electronic engineering
Can lead to any work field in the electrical and electronic industry, e.g. robotics, macaronis, and electrical installations
4. Transport Engineering
At least 20 level 3 credits in Mathematics at Distinction, including differential and integral calculus. At least 25 level 3 credits in analytical engineering sciences (eg Mechanical or Electrical Science/Principles, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Electronics), ten of which to be achieved at Distinction and the remainder at a minimum of Merit.
Good communication and group work skills. Positive attitude towards the course