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Understand how to set up a home based child care service

Task 3:
(links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria 1.3)

Confidentiality and data protection are vital when running a home based childcare service.
(Write an explanation of the importance of both)

For this task I have written a Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Policy that I have written for the setup of my own Home Based Child Care / Childminding Business – these will be submitted alongside this task to show of their importance.

As I become a Registered Childminder I will take a professional approach to all confidential issues that I come into contact with.

I will not share confidential or sensitive information about any child in my care or their families without parental / carer / family permission. The only exception to this rule is when any information relates to a Safeguarding issue of any child in my care, in such cases I will follow my Safeguarding Policy and Procedure and obtain advice from the appropriate professionals.

When I use photographs of the children in my care they will be only for my own albums or for inclusion in my portfolio. Children’s names will not be used in my portfolio. I will always obtain parental consent before taking any photographs of a child in my care.

Being a childminder I will ensure that the policy I have written on confidentiality will be updated when required and can be viewed by parents / carers and other authorities to demonstrate I take a serious view on this area.

To build up a good relationship between childminder and parents / carers it is important to maintain confidentiality to a high level and review it on a regular basis.
Parents / carers / families need to know and feel that they can trust you with their personal information and have peace of mind that you will respect the information they have provided to you.
When working as a Registered Childminder you are looking after the parents / carers most precious thing in their child – therefore a solid relationship of trust and mutual respect is extremely important. If you