Task Analysis and Step Essay

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Anytime you wish to take to task analysis you have to observe the task at hand and decide which way would be most beneficial to train in, either by forward chaining the task, or backward chaining. In forward chaining the first step is taught, and then reinforcement is delivered. If the individual has performed that step to the satisfaction of the training requirements then the next step in the chain is added, and so on until the task is complete, and mastered from beginning to end.

In backward chaining however, the last step in the chain is begun, and the second to last step is taught once the last step has been mastered. Backward chaining can be beneficial if the individual does not have any of the steps in their current list of abilities. With the last step in the chain being so close to the reinforcer, some individuals may find it beneficial to train this way.

If you wanted to train someone to make a bed using forward chaining you would need to break down the entire process into steps, including every stage involved into making the bed.

A personal note here: I am horrible at making my bed. It’s never straight, or pretty..ever. So this isn’t the first time I have googled “How to make a bed properly”, but using their instructions I am going to design a forward chaining training exercise.

1. Place the sheet on the bed. 2. Spread the sheet out 3. Tuck the sheet corners beneath the mattress. (repeat for each corner) 4. Place the top blanket on the bed 5. Spread the blanket out 6. Align the hem of the blanket with the head of the mattress. 7. Assure the blanket is straight 8. Fold down the blanket and sheet at the head of the bed