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203 - Work with other people in a business environment

2. Understand how to work as part of a team to achieve goals and objectives.

2.1 Explain the purpose of working with other people to achieve goals and objectives.

Working with other people to achieve goals and objectives is more effective than working towards a goal on your own. Each member of the team will work and think differently which, when working together, maximises team performance. Working with other people also decreases the chances of mistakes being made; the more people that are involved in completing a task means more people can check the final outcome. Working in a team also means that the goal or objective will probably be met sooner as more people are contributing to the work.

2.2 Identify situations in which working with others can achieve positive results.

Warwickprint recently underwent a rebranding exercise. In order to have the new branding approved by the University, warwickprint had to prove why rebranding was a positive change to be makin. The commercial manager, the general manager, and I, were tasked with producing several pieces of marketing material that supported our proposal for a rebrand. With that purpose we arranged several meetings where we collaborated and created the documents for the University. Still on-going.

2.3 Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing work goals and plans when working with others.

Agreeing goals and plans before starting a task means every team member is aware of the steps