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Web 2.0 is “a loose cloud of capabilities, technologies, business models, and philosophies that characterize the new and emerging business use of the internet.” ( Kroenke, Bunker & Wilson, 2012, P.243). It’s a new way of traditional internet, where user can develop, share and edit media in free of cost which is easier and fast. In today’s world life have become much easier with web 2.0 as we have been facilitated with skype, WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many file sharing software. Software as a service (SAAS), Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Social Networking, User Generated Content (UGC) and Crowdsourcing are some of the example of Web 2.0.
Software as a Service (SAAS) is a model of business where companies provide services based on their software. For example Google, Amazon.com, and eBay do not sell or provide software rather users use these web 2.0 technologies as a service.
Google Adwords is a way that Google charges companies via advertising. Vendors agree to pay Google a certain amount for particular search word. .( Kroenke, Bunker & Wilson, 2012, P.246). For more details, a supermarket might agree to pay $ 2 for the word ‘fitness’. When someone googles that term, Google will give a link to the supermarket’s website. If the user clicks this link, Google will charge the supermarket $2.
Google AdSense is another advertising alternative. ( Kroenke, Bunker & Wilson, 2012, P.247). It is opposite to Adwords. Google gives organizations money because of advertising. For example, Google searches a studying website and inserts ads concerning selling books. When users click those ads, Google will pay the studying organization a fee.
Social Networking is the communication of people connected by interests, friendship, business associations or some other common characteristics. Some business company could use Facebook to announce offer or launch their new product to the prospective customers. Social Networking is helping entrepreneur to build of relation and communicate information with their customer.
User Generated Content (UGC) refers to website content that is contributed by users.( Kroenke, Bunker & Wilson, 2012, P.245) UGC helps to increase the value of the site. When more people use Amozon.com or eBay they give feedback or leave comment. These reviews help Amazon.com and eBay to gain more value.
Crowdsourcing is the process of using web 2.0 technologies such as UGC and involve crowd in the marketing of their product. Crowdsourcing can also be defined as a process of getting work by the crowd or people rather than hiring people. For example Wikipedia do not hire people or writer or create their own encyclopedia, they access user to create their own information.
We are familiar with Amozon.com and eBay and probably almost all of us have used one of these Web 2.0 technologies either to purchase or sale something. So to explore more about the use of this technology we have choose Software as a Service for our task.
The purpose of the journal is to analyze the fundamental principles which the exchangeable value of software service should follow. Additionally, authors tried to explain the real value of SAAS. For example, SAAS is applied to many parts of society such as economy, normal life and technology. As to the normal life, many people use eBay to pay their bills and Google map to find the direction. This journal article gives detailed information about the software as a service to the reader and makes clear that it is a part of cloud computing. The authors of the journal are Katzan, Harry, Jr and Dowling, William A. They focus on SAAS and describe the influence of SAAS. According to it, other related items are referred and expressed like service science, cloud computing, cloud economics, service democratization and service…