Task: Middle Ages and Major Leaders Essay

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Task List 2 – The Post-Classical Period (600-1450)

11) Trace the development of Islam including major leaders, events, beliefs, & practices. Discuss the break in Islam between the Sunni and the Shia and the beliefs of each branch. Be sure to identify major similarities and differences between these branches of Islam.

12) Trace the rise and the fall of the Islamic empires (Umayyad, Abbasid, & Fatimid) detailing political structure, economic systems, innovations, and artistic contributions to world history. In addition include two leaders of each Islamic Empires Also include a map detailing the furthest point of expansion for these empires.

13) Explain the Impact & Development of the first globalizing trade routes. Also you will need to draw maps of these major trade routes - Silk Roads - Indian Ocean Trade - Trans-Saharan Trade

14) Discuss the development & fall of the Chinese Dynasties (Tang, Song, Yuan). Identify the following for each dynasty; leaders, political development & characteristics, economic development, artistic impressions, inventions & technological innovations, & collapse

15) Discuss the development of feudal Europe - The early Middle Ages - Be sure to include political systems, manor system, knights & chivalry, and living conditions of the period. In addition discuss the contributions of Clovis, Charles Martel, & Charlemagne

16) Discuss the development of the Byzantine Empire including its political structure, cultural achievements, major leaders & figures, economic/trading systems, & what led to its decline toward the end of the classical period.

17) Trace the rise in power of the Catholic Church and the Papacy during the Middle Ages. Also discuss the break between the