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Task 5th

Objective 1:
Context Clue – Context clue is when you can find the words that u don’t know by using the sentence that is in or the sentences before and after.
Example 1: Some sentences have the word or in them which means that the word after or is a synonyms or antonyms.
Example 2: Some sentences list synonyms.
Multiple Meaning Words- Some words have more than one meaning. You can tell witch meaning it is by the context clue.
Example: You use the same steps on context clue for this.
Objective 2: Analyzing Characters-Characters are the people or animals in stories. When you read a story you ask yourself what was the characters did, how they acted, what is the character into, is it a boy girl or animal, those are the kind of question you should be asking yourself when you read a book.
Example 1: One way you can find out about a character is to listen to the word the writer describes them by.
Example 2: Some people list attributes of the character in the story using and or commas.
Recognizing And Analyzing Story Plots and Problems Resolution-The plot is the series of events a story happens. Resolution is how the problem turns out.
Example 1: Plot is what happens in the story.
Example 2: Resolution is how the story turns out.
Setting And Its Importance-The setting is the time and place the story happens. When you read you might wanna ask yourself where it is taking place what happened what time in the day is it and questions like that.
Example 1: You may have to conclude to find out the setting.
Example 2: You can guess the time by what the person or animal is doing or seeing.
Objective 3:
Using The Text’s Structure To Locate And Recall Information- Authors put the event of a story in a order a special way to make sense. When u read stories you need to identify the order and patters of events.
Example 1 – The author might do the event cause and effect.
Example 2 – Cause-Tells why something happened. Effect- Tells what happened.
Representing Information In Different Ways-Have you ever had to stop and asked yourself what the story so far was about.
If u do that it is a good thing, that mean that you are keeping track of yourself.
Example 1: Using a Graphic organizer may help you.
Example 2: There are many different types of graphic organizer, if you find one that you like then us it.
Logic And Consistency Within A Text-When you read a book sometimes the character act, and you can tell the difference when they are acting and not. When you read do you ask yourself questions about the story and what you have read and if it makes sense.
Example 1: One way of them acting is to guess and try to think of what might happen.
Example 2: One way of them acting is to guess and try to think of what the other person say.
Author’s Purpose- The author’s purpose is what the author wants the story to act as, like to inform you.
There is an author’s purpose in each story that u have