Task1 Community Safetyinventory Essay

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Description: This tool can be used to assess physical and psychosocial safety hazards in a given client’s neighborhood or in a community at large. The tool assesses elements of the physical environmental, psychological, and social dimensions of health in the dimensions model. The inventory promotes identification of safety problems in the neighborhood or community and
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What poisonous plants or plant allergens grow in the area? ________________________________________________
S afety Hazards in the Built Environment
Do residential units pose safety hazards? ________________________________________________________________
What is the extent of disrepair in housing units? _________________________________________________________
Are there structural defects in area buildings, roads, and so on that pose safety hazards? ______________________
Do local building codes effectively address safety issues? __________________________________________________
Are building safety codes enforced? ____________________________________________________________________
Are there broken sidewalks (or lack of sidewalks) or other external safety hazards in the neighborhood that pose health risks?
Is there a lead exposure hazard in the area? ______________________________________________________________
How adequate is sanitation and waste disposal? _________________________________________________________