Tasklist And Graphic Organizer 2 Essay

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The Big Question: Who is the most effective leader of all time?

Step 1 Choose a famous leader (dead or alive):


Remember: This is not a biography! You should not summarize the person’s life.
You are presenting an argument. You need to find evidence to support you argument.

Step 2 List the eight most important leadership qualities

As you research, find evidence of these characteristics in your leader

★You might not be able to find evidence for all of these characteristics

1. ___________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________________________________
6. ___________________________________________________________________________
7. ___________________________________________________________________________
8. ___________________________________________________________________________

Step 3 Start with the Wikipedia page for your chosen leader

Step 4 Try searching (using Google or any other search engine):

your leader’s name your leader’s name + leader your leader’s name + leadership your leader’s name + leadership qualities

If you find that there is not a lot of information on your chosen leader… you might have to choose a new one!

Step 5 Any time you find a source that looks like it might have some useful information:

1. evaluate the source: is it trustworthy?
2. create a PowerPoint slide for the source (or a new section in your notes
3. record where you found the source (use www.easybib.com to create a proper citation… copy and paste into the slide)
4. copy and paste any useful text or images into your PPT slide
5. make notes that help you answer The Big Question

Remember: This is not a