Essay on Tattoos: Debut Albums and Long Black Hair

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The dream still haunts me daily, I’m cursed with the memory of every seemingly insignificant detail that it came with, almost as if it had truly happened to me, which, I must admit I’m beginning to believe may be the truth. I’m going insane I know it but to me it all feels so real. To some this may be the ramblings of a madman, but to me this is my life. This is my story of being trapped by a being no one else can see but one that I am forced to witness every day of my life, and it all began with just a simple dream, or better yet, nightmare. The dream begins with my sitting at a bar accompanied by a beautiful young woman. The only feature I can truly remember of hers is her long black hair. Her and I share stories and laughs over a few beers just like everyone else around us. Though I did not know her name nor even her face there was a feeling in me towards this woman, it was blissful. I had never met her before yet I had the feeling that I’d known her for many years. It was the makings of a perfect night. I raised my empty glass to the bartender and asked for another when I noticed the door swing wide open. I turned expecting to find another young person coming in with a smile and greeting friends and familiar faces, but what I saw was nothing of the sort. As I scanned the man up and down I couldn’t make out any detail in him, it was just total black. I saw no clothing features; no face features at all, none except for in his eyes. His eyes were a pure glowing white,