Tattoos in the Workplace Essay

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Tattoos and piercings can be tasteful, elegant, and classy. Tattoos can be to remember a loved one, an important date, or just something a person is passionate about. Stereotypes fog out reality and cause people to only see the very worst in things. Stereotypes make a person think that a person with tattoos is either a rebel or someone who completely hates the human race. A little harsh, right? Well, this is the truth about people with tattoos and piercings. The number one stereotype people associate with someone who has a tattoo or piercing is that they are a rebel somehow. I personally know multiple people with tattoos who completely abide by the rules and laws. Actually, my step-dad is a Sergeant at Owensboro Police Department and he has three tattoos. My mom has nine tattoos, and she’s a clerk at OMHS. These examples lead me to my point, which is that people can have a tattoo or more and still have very good jobs! According to Sarah Dobosh, someone’s tattoos and/or piercings won’t reduce their chances of landing a job! In her article, Sarah states that the Food and Drug Administration estimates that more than 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo, and a 2010 Pew Research report reveals that 38% of 18-29 year olds sport a tattoo, while 32% of the 30-45 demographic have body art. “Today, even in this tight job market, most companies are not going to view tattoos too harshly. One reason is that with everyone from soccer moms to MIT computer science graduates sporting tattoos, preconceptions about tattooed individuals are no longer valid.…