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The Negative
Effects of Social
Tauni Taylor

“Social media has changed the way people interact. In many ways, social media has led to positive changes in the way people communicate and share information. However, it has a dark side as well. Social networking can sometimes result in negative outcomes, some with long-term consequences.” The World of Social Media

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=sCjIqYh5p58 The Advantages

ability to connect with people staying in touch with friends and family who are far away having the freedom to communicate whenever and where ever.

Social Media

Although social media may have many positive advantages, the negative effects of social networking outweigh the positive.

Negative Effects of Social Media

A false sense of connection 

Mental health effects

Encourages poor grammar, usage, and spelling 

Exposing children to online predators


Broken relationships, infidelity and torn families 

Harm to ones reputation 

Exposure to cyber bullying 


Negative effects of Social Media

Invasion of privacy

Exposure to scams, identity theft, hackers, fraud, and virus attacks

Time consuming

Decreased productivity/
Loss of job

Possibility of addiction disorder 

Increased risk of obesity 

Increased risk of sleep disorders Poor school performance
Increased distraction

A False Sense of Connection Cont.

We see this false sense of connection a lot more within families and relationships.
One of the biggest enemies in many homes is - time. Complaining that “There’s never enough time”, has become an increasingly common excuse.
So we sit at the table or we go out; rationalizing that “we are spending time together”. However, there is no real connection taking place with each other, when each person is on their own media device. Mental Health Effects

Social media has become a dangerous pass time for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and other mental health issues.

Signs of Unhealthy Social

Focusing problems – easily distracted and loss of ability to concentrate.
Lack of concern about one-on-one relationships
– prioritizing social networking over face to face family and friend relationships.
Lessening communication skills – talking less, difficulty articulating thoughts into words, inattentive when others are speaking.
Unconcerned about obligations in the “real” world – more interested in checking status updates and communicating on the internet than participating in activities off of the computer.
Withdrawal symptoms (agitation, fidgeting, aggressiveness, etc) when unable to participate in social networking for a period of time.”


Being a part of the social media revolution requires personal education and responsibility of the hazards. 

Parents should become familiar with the warning signs of the negative impacts to their children.

Social Media and Its Effects on

Cyberbullying has been tied to increased suicide risks, particularly among teenagers (and you thought high school was bad)
Social media helps form suicide pacts among complete strangers with only this one thing in common

Isolation and Loneliness

“Social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace may provide people with a false sense of connection that ultimately increases loneliness in people who feel alone. These sites should serve as a supplement, but not replacement for, face-to-face interaction,”
Cacioppo says. He compares connecting on a Web site to eating celery: "It feels good immediately, but it doesn't give you the same sustenance," he says.
For people who feel satisfied and loved in their dayto-day life, social media can be a reassuring extension. For