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The Characteristics of the Prophets
Allahma Anwar Shah Kashmiri (may Allah’s mercy be upon him), has commented on the lives of the prophets as lived by them. He says: "We should study the holy conduct and sacred disposition of the respected prophets in their life-histories and the Quran Hakeem. If one analyses whatever is mentioned in their respect by way of question & answer it shall be seen that matters pertaining to those personages were based on the following virtues:
"Reliance, confidence, uprightness, submission, endurance, self-restraint, resoluteness, magnanimity, modesty, constancy, mildness, dignity, nobleness, excellence, generosity, penitence, repentance, sincerity, selflessness, purity, wisdom, mercy, attachment, temperateness in beliefs, coolness of bosom, credence and intelligence like the dawning day, trustworthy, truthful, trustee, kind, clement, chaste, abstinent, neat, clean sanctimonious, abstemious, recoursing to Allah, faith in invisible resources, disinclined towards worldly deliciousness in all eventualities, adhering to Allah and forsaking the rest, disregard of worldly goods, unconcerned with riches, embarking on heritage of knowledge, dismissing mundane trifles or money, leaving legacy of learning and noble conduct, abandoning the superfluous, guarding their tongue, supporting the truth in all cases and circumstances.
Their outward appearance conforms to their inward state, without any breach, deviation or derangement. They do not advance lame excuses, improper pleas or perverse interpretations, and do not resort to deceitful stratagems for fulfilling their tasks. They prefer Allah’s ways over worldly contrivances, shun material connections, adore Allah in misfortunes, thanksgiving and hymning Him in multitudinous situations, remembering Him all the time, reciting His Praise with every breath, training and teaching Allah-gifted knowledge to people under his favour with human affability without…