Essay about Taxing Tenants

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Taxing Tenants

Social Problems


The topic for this paper is taxing tenants. Life’s certainties, death and taxes always have weaknesses. Taxes do fulfill a number of important purposes within our society, but does the government takes the people for granted by taxing renters? In addition to providing the government revenue with which to administer the country’s affairs, the levying of taxes can also be used to encourage and discourage the growth within our community’s (Wolfe, 2012). Sitting at the community meeting that was held on Monday the 11th of November. There was a lot of debate on the social issue of taxing tenants. The room was filled with all different types of people, who were renters, property owners, and single family home owners (Mayor,
2013). Emotions were flying around the room, with confusion and puzzlement from the people.
They understood what the topic was about they just did not know the details. Before the meeting started the community was trying to understand one another’s views (Crow, 2013). When the meeting started the people had sat down in front of the board. The board was made up with the mayor and high powered people. So when the mayor was the one that did most of the talking throughout the meeting. The mayor started off with the reason the meeting was being held. He then went into how this social problem is going to draw attention from many different types of people. He went into talking about how taxing tenant were going to help the community (Mayor, 2013). This went on for about an hour on the topic of how taxing tenants was going to help our community. Then the mayor switched to there is going to be a cost to start up this system and how it will work. The mayor plan was to try and help the people understand the social problem that is going on right now. Looking at the people they were getting the concept or it all, but they wanted more information. It was not realized how many people thought differently and from the way a person would think. For an example there were property owners who were against taxing tenants (Crow, 2013) Through the meeting people we concentrating on everything the mayor were saying.
There were so many emotions flying throughout the room. Emotions of anger, people being satisfied with what they heard, and people scared. Once the people had heard everything the mayor had said he opened the floor up to the people. People were flooding the floor with questions. The people were trying to talk over each other and some were yelling at the board.
The mayor had to calm down the people so they could try and answered the questions that people were trying to ask. The people were asking questions like: When is this going to take effect?
How much is all this going to cost the renters, and property owners? How will this be placed within the community (Crow, 2013)? The questions did not stop; they were so many people still confused and not understanding the whole social problem that was going on. The people were demanding answers