Tay Sachs Essay

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GNT1 Task 3
Tracie Matherne
Western Governors University
Mentor: Venessa Lee

GNT Task 3 2
Rita and Peter Trosack received great news that they were finally pregnant after two years of trying to conceive. Rita, 43 years old went to her first prenatal visit with Dr. Zimmerly where he recommended that due to her advanced maternal age, she should have a chorionic villus sampling performed. When the test results came back, the Trosack’s were devastated to find out that their unborn child was affected by the Tay-Sachs disease. When interviewing the family, Rita blames herself for working so hard that it affected the baby, while Peter is angry and in denial believing that the test results are wrong. Also in the interview, Rita states that her paternal grandparents had two children with one child that died of unknown causes. Peter also states that his paternal grandparents had three children with one son who died at an early age of unknown causes. They both refuse to consider the possibility of abortion because of religious and personal beliefs.
With the unfortunate and devastating test results, an interdisciplinary team should be organized before the initial visit with the Trosack’s so that the best information can be presented to the couple. The interdisciplinary team should include the maternal- fetal medicine physician, the genetic counselor, a social worker, religious leader and a Registered Nurse trained in high risk obstetrics. The maternal-fetal medicine physician specializes “in the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care of expectant mothers and their unborn babies who may be at high risk for special health challenges” (Monogram Maternity, 2012). The genetic counselor is a person who has special training to teach families about birth defects and genetic conditions that may be passed down or inherited throughout a family. A social worker will help with counseling, help in finding resources for the couple such as applying for appropriate programs and will help in the coordination of physician visits. A religious leader will help the Trosack’s find answers and
GNT Task 3 3 resolve to their spiritual questions regarding their decisions. The religious leader can offer counseling and prayer for the best outcomes possible. The Registered Nurse trained in high risk obstetrics will help in educating and advocating for the Trosack’s. The Registerd Nurse will also help in providing emotional support for the couple.
Each member of the interdisciplinary team will offer a set of information to the Trosack’s in order for the couple to have the best understanding of the disease. The maternal-fetal medicine physician will continue to provide prenatal care for Rita and her unborn child. He will manage her health care needs as they develop and continue to educate the couple on the high risk pregnancy. The genetic counselor will inform the Trosack’s on how their baby inherited the Tay-Sach’s disease and the statistical information on the likelihood of future children inheriting the disease. The social worker will refer the couple to different support groups for the Tay-Sach’s disease as well as direct them on community resources. The religious leader can bring forth the words of the Bible and help counsel and comfort the couple in their time of need. Finally, the Registered Nurse will help educate the couple on the Tay-Sach’s disease and advocate for them to make sure that their healthcare decisions are met. The Registered Nurse will also make sure that a thorough history has been obtained and that the couple has been given all of the up to date and correct information on the disease process.
Teaching Plan
Diagnosis: “Tay-Sachs disease occurs when the body