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Caitlyn Taylor
Virtual English 11 1
29 March 2015

In Oklahoma, one source of its notoriety is oil. Oil is the vein of Oklahoma. Oil is used in not just Oklahoma, but in many other states, countries, and continents all over. From pumping it into our vehicles to creating jobs, oil is a fundamental part of the world today. Understanding the background of oil, having oil in Oklahoma, and witnessing all of the ways oil innuendos occur can aid in answering the question "what oil means to Oklahoma and me".
Knowing the background of what oil is and how it moves is essential. According to Buzzle.com, "Earth's mantle is in molten state, which melts this organic material into resources of oil." Oil companies enlist in geologists to help them find where in nature to exactly drill. The Biogenic Theory states that oil, which is a liquid hydrocarbon, is derived from the dead animals and aquatic life. There are many different ways that oil can be formed through the biogenic theory. There is the faulting which states that reservoir rocks are shifting up and down. Pinch out say reservoir rocks are thinning out, thus creating the oil. The reef theory which says oil reservoirs can be located in coral reefs. Anticline discusses rocks undergoing compression. Finally, Salt Domes says oceanic crust packed with salt help formulate oil. (Karthik, Narayani. "How is Oil Formed?" Buzzle. Web. 18 September 2010). People like John D. Rockefeller, who organized companies based on the oil productions; Louis Evans; who located deposits along the eastern seaboard on a 1775 map of the English Middle Colonies; Edwin L. Drake, who located oil in Titusville; and Henry M. Flager, creator of Standard Oil Company (Wall, Bennett H. . "Oil Industry" History.com. Web. 29 March 2015) all helped to contribute to the establishment of oil in the United States, which aided in moving oil production in Oklahoma.
According to OERB.com, "Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry has helped meet America’s energy demand, while generating millions of dollars for our state's economy and thousands of jobs for Oklahomans." Oil has made the economy in Oklahoma boom. One in five jobs in the Oklahoma region are oil related. There are many professions in Oklahoma that can come from oil companies, such as product engineering, drilling engineers, oil rigging, geology technician, and cementing. (Oklahoma Energy Resources Board. 2015. Web. 29 March 2015). These jobs have made stabilized Oklahomans all over. Oklahoma territory was the number one source of oil in United States before it was even a state, which made Oklahoma a primary Black Gold state.
Many different companies and corporations big and small have impacted Oklahoma. These different jobs have kept many Oklahomans out of poverty and in decent living arrangements. Companies such as Conoco, Shell Oil Company, Enogex Inc., Gateway Resources, and even QuikTrip franchises have supplied many Oklahomans with sources of oil (Oklahoma Oil & Gas Companies. Regional Directories. 2010. Web. 29 March 2015.). Many important Oklahomans helped shape the Oklahoma oil industry into what it is now. People such as Lulu Hefner, Robert Glenn, and Frank Phillip were just a couple of the people involved in the shaping. Lulu Hefner was the first woman to drill a successful oil well on her own property, and was the first female oil operator ("Oil in Oklahoma". Wikipedia. Web. 29 March 2015.). Robert Glenn's…