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Alexis Taylor
English 112-D02
A World of Mixed Cultures In a world full of multiracial cultures, a lot of things remain controversial. In the editorial “Multiracial America” by Opposing Viewpoints Online, gives us various examples of the impact of interracial dating, as well as the topic of foreigners marrying americans. Lauren S. Mash, who wrote an different article but was included in this editorial, stated that many Caucasian americans have “Yellow Fever” & Many Asians who come to America only date Caucasian men. The editorial then goes on to say that that happens because a lot of people want to get away from their culture and immerse themselves better in the American culture. They are not racist, but they came for a new life and want to be seen as something other than a foreigner. If we were all blind, what would really matter? For Racism is a figment of our imagination. Without colors involved, everyone is still a human. The film in theaters now, “Dear White People,” is not about one viewpoint so don’t let the title fool you. The film is trying to get people to move past race and into the heritage of others (Biola University). It goes through all these cliche stereotypes (from every race of course), and why are they are wrong. It is a controversial movie, but it gets exactly to the point of why your Race should not matter (Biola University). With a african american president, the question still comes up over whether race matters or not. Thomas Edsall states in his editorial that the “Obama Effect” has taken over many americans. The effect consists of the levels of prejudice that has went down since his first election in 2008. When Obama did his campaigns on television, it took away the stereotype that people have over African American Families (CNN). Though it was still a lot of criticism, it showed how people could be wrong with stereotypes. Racism is still prevalent in many southern countries, where families aren't as diverse. Living in an area like that can have a serious impact on the way people think. From having grandparents who grew up during the civil rights movement, then parents raised to be like that, and then their children is a hard cycle to break. In an article written about this particular problem in the south, Jamelle Bouie states that, Many in the south claim that they don't deal with or vote for african americans because thats “just the way it is.” (The Daily Beast). A way to start changing the way people think about others is immersing themselves with other cultures. From personal experience of being biracial, i was often confused which race i should “identify with,” or “Act like.” Having a family from New York, i really have never seen or experienced difficulty with being mixed. While living in Virginia, I definitely have experienced racism, and even having my own mother tell me i was too hispanic for the black children, and too black for the hispanic children. As i have gotten older, i have learned to immerse myself with other people. I have so many friends and even relatives of different races and cultures, and it really does change your whole perspective on racism. I personally would not vote for someone, like or hate someone because of their color. Some people are unable to see past color because they are accustomed to a way of living. Another controversy in the United States is interracial dating. For those who do partake in interracial dating, they easily see past color and see their significant other for the person they really are. Most Americans date interracially because they date one person and it all goes wrong. There are many reasons why some people should not be dating interracially. A lot of young people get into interracial relationships because its “hip.” On social media sites, you typically see a lot of posts about interracial dating, and how “cute” it is. For someone that is only doing it to be hip, they are not prepared for the dirty looks, the