Examples Of My Favorite Brands

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One of my favorite brands is Apple. One of the main reasons I like Apple is that they really do have great products. I feel like Apple is committed to quality, innovation, and design. Another reason I like Apple is their customer service. They have friendly, knowledgeable staff that approaches you and listens to what you want. Apple has great looking products as well. Who wouldn’t want a product that works really well, meets customer needs, and is beautiful? Those are all qualities that are important to me and are why Apple is one of my favorite brands.
To me, Acer is a “bad” brand. They have extremely poor customer service, which we all know is very important. The overall appearance of Acer laptops is a little clunky and not very sleek. The display is not colorful or bright and is well below other laptops averages of pixels, colors, and brightness. I think their products are boring and mediocre and I would never go back to another Acer laptop again, especially after owning a MacBook.
Comparing Acer and Apple, Acer is viewed as out-of-date while Apple is viewed as modern. Acer is positioned as affordable, while Apple is positioned as an exceptional experience through superb user interfaces. Apple’s brand personality focuses on emotions and is about lifestyle, innovation, and simplicity. According to Acer, their brand personality focuses on adventures through imagery that gives back an experience based on the user’s personality. Apple and Acer both try to give the user an