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The Children Act 1989 – what are the main points of this piece of legislation to do with safeguarding children?
The Children Act 1989 gave every child the right to protection from abuse and to safeguard their welfare. The act came into force in England and Wales in 1991. The key points are...
The best place for children to be looked after is within their own homes.
The welfare of the child is the paramount consideration.
Parents should continue to be involved with their children and any legal proceedings that may concern them, and that legal proceedings should be unnecessary in most instances.
The welfare of children should be promoted by partnership between the family and the Local Authority.
Children should not be removed from their family, or contact terminated, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.
The child's needs arising from race, culture, religion and language must be taken into account.

What is Every Child Matters? Where did this come from? (This is a green paper)

What does the EYFS say about how to safeguard children?
The EYFS says a lot about safeguarding children and promoting their welfare and its links to every aspect of children’s learning and development. The main idea is that children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure, when their individual needs are met and when the adults are caring for them. children must be provided with a safe and secure environments in which to play, interact and develop. The EYFS has a number of welfare requirements that are designed to support providers in making a setting welcoming, safe and stimulating, and where children are able to enjoy themselves, to grow in…