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Asma Amin


3.3 Apply rules and boundaries consistently and fairly, according to the age, needs and abilities of children and young people.

It is important to apply rules and boundaries to children and young people behaviour according to their age, needs and abilities and without stereotyping.
Firstly it is important that everything is relevant to a child's level of ability and understanding as you need to consider what the child understands when applying rules, as for stereotyping this is bad in every situation not every adult men like sports and not every women is a stray at home and cleans all day. It is important to stimulate there interests. For rules they are important to growing up and learning social rules given from others. Praise children when they do good as this will make the behaviour look good but telling off or even smacking will not prevent that behaviour as much and can also have negative effects. A 2 year old cant get things the way a 4 years old can. Younger children don’t get things the same way and you must take that into account when dealing with discipline. For example a 2year old should not be expected to sit still for 30minutes of circle time, but a 4 year old may be able to sit for 20 minutes of circle time. All children need consistent approaches because they are learning the rules. The rules are very different at home and they will be more unsettled and spend time trying to see what will and wont be enforced. All rules and structure give children a sense of security and perimeter to work with and to know how to act in situations. e.g. adults waiting in a line. Children have to be taught how to do this. Boundaries are for our own good they should be set, rules should apply as this keeps children safe. It