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What is the Tea Party and what do they believe in? According to those who follow the Tea Party define the Tea Party as a fundamental movement towards following the Constitution specifically the belief in a small government. The movement, in its essence, is about safeguarding individual liberty, cutting taxes, and ending bailouts for business while the American taxpayer gets burdened with more public debt. It is fueled by concern that the United States under Mr. Obama is becoming a European-style social democracy where individual initiative is sapped by the needs of the collective. (Johnson, 2012) Republicans have been known for most of their tenure to be the conservative arty. If the tea party becomes a separate party, will that will remove the ”Conservative” following of the Republicans, In my paper I will discuss how the tea party was formed and a connection if any to the Republican Party. Among the half the country that says there is a need for an alternative to the Democrats and the Republicans, nearly all would at least consider actually voting for a qualified third-party candidate. (Peyton, 2012) It is safe to say that the Tea Party would be a viable third party option in its form. Would they be taken seriously? After all as previous stated, it’s just a dramatized version of the Republican Party. Although, can we say the Tea Party would be the only option after all there are more parties trying to be recognized as official.

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