Essay on Teacger: White People and Grant Wiggins

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In the Late 1940s, Life was hard for African Americans. They were treated like animals and were not looked at as humans, they were looked as the weaklings. In a small Community, one quiet night; young black boy is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Three men were killed and the young boy, Named Jefferson was the only survivor. Jefferson finds himself now sentenced to death and everyone feels he is doomed. But there is a man named Grant Wiggins who is fairly educated and he may be Jefferson’s only hope to be helped to die with Dignity. Does Grant have what it takes to change a young boy’s life? Grant Wiggins, a twenty year old teacher, who is very smart and willing to help others has returned home to teach young kids. Grant although has an education and is living pretty good , he is somewhat depressed and mentally locked down. He feels he does not live his own life, that he is just a black man that does what the white men tell him to do.” And I teach what the white talks around here tell me to teach- Reading, writing, arithmetic. They never told me how to keep a black boy out of a liquor store”. Grant hated the place and all he wanted to do was get away. When Grant first visits Jefferson at the jail, Jefferson is nothing but an empty soul. He keeps his distance and pays little attention to Grant, His Grandmother, Miss Emma, or anybody else he came to visit him. Even his uncertain attempts at accepting them are empty and worthless, “He looked at her as