Essay on Teacher and Education

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Education is so important to me where I can read and write that it is foundation for life and it is basic for my future. Education gives me knowledge; job and it help me to get life of the world. Moreover, when I start thinking about school I think about my teacher, my school subjects, the study and the play. Let me consider the following points.

First of all, education gives me knowledge. You will study from the simplest things to the most complicated things. You go to school where you can receive knowledge from teachers and friends. In school there are many subjects to learn such as Mathematic, Literature, History, Geography, Chemistry, etc. if you don’t study History you will not know who your ancestor is. Furthermore, you will never know heroes who sacrificed whole life to the happiness and peace to the people and country because of war. I just studied Geography that it gave me to know weather and culture of every area in the world. In addition, education is not about lessons and poems in textbooks. It is about the lessons of my life. Many teachers and friends teach me the right behavior and they teach me how to lead my life. For example, in my country I remembered that teachers in high school had taught me politeness. They taught me about how I say with older people or with your parent.

Secondly, education gives me a good job in the future that it opens doors of brilliant career opportunities. Not only is me there are more people considering that education more important. Now many employers need degree of University and they always want to hire people who have well educated. Therefore, there are many people pursuing College because of getting a job. If you don’t have diploma you are difficult to find a job. In America I feel amazing why there are old people to go to school. Even there are old and handicapped people that they still study. However, in my country old people who go to school that is not simple thing. Besides, in my country there are children who are intelligent and they wish to be gone to school but their dream are so touch because they are poor. They have no money to pay tuition. That is one of the motivations to encourage me to try