Essay on Teacher and Great Profundity

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1. Poignancy- Today after school I had a strong feeling of poignancy because I remembered that not only I had a lot of homework to do but I also had to walk home alone with a broken foot.
2. Vapid- Last nights dinner was so vapid! We had to listen to Robert talk about philosophy for hours!
3. Impotence- When me and Jenna went to talk to the school guidance counselor about raising money for charity, he said that unfortunately he was impotence towards that decision and we had to talk to the dean.
4. Abominable- Last week Amanda had said to Alex that she found that Brooke was so abominable to her that she had to tell the principal. 5. Fester- Europe fester with the black plague.
6. Benign- Jack received news from the doctor that he had a cancer.
But fortunately it was only benign and located at his leg.
7. Vast- There was a vast amount of Champa rice during the Tang and the Song Dynasty.
8. Languor- I couldn't shake of the languor from Monday morning when my mom came and woke me up.

9. Magnanimous- Whenever I see someone being magnanimous to another I forget about all the wars and deaths and think of humanity as one.
10. Banality- Now a days there is a banality group of people at schools that are considered more “popular” than people who have a different personality.

11. Credible- My teacher was very credible when I told her that I knew I was going to do well on the poetry unit.
12. Profundity- The student showed great profundity towards the painters artwork, pointing