Essay on Teacher and Martin Luther King

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Date & Day

Ms. Roddie
Social Studies

Text(s), Materials, Equipment needed for this lesson:
Pictures of Martin Luther King, scripts (readers theater), scissors, glue and crayons.

GPS and/or National Standards: (This is the BIG IDEA you want your students to know and understand when you finish the unit.)
SSKH1 The student will identify the purpose of national holidays and describe the people or events celebrated.

e. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Assessment Strategies: (Describe how you will assess student learning. Align to performance objectives).
The teacher will evaluate the students during the reader’s theater program.

Performance Outcomes: (What will the student know and be able to do? Be sure that the outcome you desire can easily be linked to the GPS or National Standard that is the focus of this lesson.)

The student will be able to identify Martin Luther King, Jr. and understand his purpose.

Review and/or Anticipatory Set: (How you activate schema, set up the day’s lesson, motivate or arouse interest, connect this new knowledge to previously learned material)

The teacher will enter the classroom dress as an activate of the Civil Rights Movement (Rosa Parks). The teacher will begin to explain her role in the Civil Rights Movement.

*Adapted from McTighe, J. and Wiggins, G. (2004) Understanding by Design Professional Development Workbook. Arlington, VA: ASCD Publications.

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Developmental Activities/Strategies:[Presentation of Content (teaching procedures), Active Learning (student activities), and Guided Practice

The teacher will ask the class “Who is Martin Luther King Jr.? The teacher will listen to the student responses. The teacher will begin to explain who Martin Luther King Jr. is and what he did. The teacher will give out worksheets with a picture of Martin and scripts for the play. The teacher will instruct the students to color the picture and cut out the picture. The teacher will then arrange the students in the order of play and begin to go over the scripts with the students. The teacher will tell the students to place the pictures on her desk. The pictures will be on displayed in the classroom for the students and other visitors to see.

The print on the script will be enlarge for the student who has visual processing disorder.

Extension: Continue to practice for the play.

The teacher will work with students who have a hard time pronouncing the words and understand the concept of the play.

Closure: Oral review


Reflection on Lesson’s Effectiveness:

*See explanation of terms and of each section on the next page.

Explanation of Terms and Steps in Writing Lesson and Learning Plans

Teacher: Place your name and your CT’s name in this block.

Room: Give the room number where you are teaching.

Subject: List the subject area – math, science, language arts, reading, social studies.

Block: This is the time period. Give the exact time rather than first period.

Date and Day: Give the exact date and also the day in the sequence of your plans. For example, Day 2 of a 10 day plan.

Text(s), Materials, Equipment: List and explain these items for each lesson. Be sure to explain the technology and how you are using it.

Pre-Test: This activity is not expected every day. A pre-test is usually given before a unit is taught or when a new concept or skill is introduced. It is good to know how much the students know about a concept before it is taught.

GPS and National Standards: Write out exactly the GPS and national standards that the lesson addresses. Be sure to list the elements of the standard that you are focusing on.

Assessment Strategies: Use multiple assessment modes and approaches aligned with