Teacher and Mrs. Rojas Essay

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On April 11, 2013, I volunteered at Regent Heights Junior Public School. I had volunteered there last semester, and returned this semester. I helped out one of the teachers, Mrs. Rojas. She gave me several different things to do in her classroom, and gave me an idea of what being a teacher is like. The school is has students from kindergarten to grade 8. From what I saw, Regent Heights Public School is a safe school environment with lots of opportunities for the students. They work on robotics, spread environmental awareness, and have a great computer lab and library. They also focus on the arts and sports. Overall, it is a good school that has a safe and caring environment. While I was at Regent Heights, I helped Mrs. Rojas, who teaches several different grades at the school. She had several different tasks, such as cleaning up the classroom, organizing the books, and helping out with the arts and crafts. The environment I was in was very quiet. I had a few other people volunteering with me, so they were talking about things while working. I felt like the environment was really peaceful and safe, like a school should be. By the end of the day, I was very tired and I realized how much teachers had to work. Mrs. Rojas looked after children all day and chased after them, and I respect her for that. Her students had some kites that they created, and cut holes inside them. I had to tie the kites up so the students could fly them around outside. I enjoyed the volunteer experience. By the end of the day, I felt good about helping out Mrs. Rojas and the students. It was a good experience and it really made me feel like I was involved in my