Teacher and Positive Role Model Essay

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unit 3

Unit 3 : supporting children-produce a list of 5 ways, with reason that you have been a positive role model for children in your setting .

I have been a positive role model by:

• Wearing Suitable clothing

• Behaving appropriately

• Using the correct Language

• Communicating well with teachers and pupils

• I respect the teachers and pupils

Suitable clothing is important when working in a child care environment because you need to look professional and you need to wear the appropriate thing during different situation. On a normal day i would wear black trouser, a polo top, cardigan and black shoes. This can make you look professional but it is also suitable for messy activities. When I’m working with the children in forest school I would wear wellies, waterproof trousers and coats. This is so that you can be prepared for different weather conditions. Children can gain from this because it shows them how to be professional in the future.

You need to behave appropriate when working around children because they pick up on the things you do. You need to show them how to behave in different situations. So if they done something wrong make sure you don’t laugh, so that they understand how serious the conversation is.

You also need to be using appropriate language, because again they copy and pick up what you say. So you should use bad language such as swearing. You should also know when to have a formal or informal conversation etc when having a conversation with the head teacher or a senior member of staff you should have a formal conversation and when talking to a child in a class room you should have and informal conversation. Children will gain the knowledge of what language to use in which situation by this.

Communication is very important when working in a childcare setting not only for you and the pupil but also for you and the other teachers. You must be