Teacher and Private School Essay

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Private School : Every parents dream come true !

When it comes to the topic of education. Private Education and Public Education has always been a never ending debate. Parents are always in a dilemma stressing about their kids’ future. After researching and reading a lot more about this issue, I have came to a conclusion that Private Education is a lot more superior and prestige than any other schools standing. Private Education is known for their educational excellence and the high standard, they have set. Private Education is the best step to take for any students’ future. It takes a huge amount of money and life time investment for parents to send their kids to a Private School, but it is all worth it ! Students have a long list of needs, when it comes to school, and one of them is attention. Each and every student learns in their own pace and have different learning styles. Since, private schools have a really small amount of students in each class, the teacher can give them their individual attention that they deserve. On the other hand, Public Schools are required to have 30-33 kids in one classroom, and they are attended by one teacher. I believe it is impossible for one teacher to help and have a bond with that number of kids. Private School teachers are well qualified and think of creative ways to challenge their students and motivate them to learn. They also have access to advanced technologies, which makes learning more enjoyable and interesting. It is also easy for both teachers and students and a huge access to better information as well. As reported by, NCES ( National Center for Education Statistics), Private School scored higher on standardized test than any Public School. Private School have requirements to take advanced placements courses and challenge their students. The number of students that graduate for college from Private Schools, outweighs the number from Public Schools. The number of dropouts are also very low. Sending kids to a Private School is the best choice a parent can make. They want their kids to be in a safe and healthy environment, some want their kids to go to a religious school and have ethical values. All these demands cannot be fulfilled by any Public School. According to the parents that I have personally spoke to, claimed that they had very little or no involvement in their children’s school and curriculum. Many people argue that Public Schools are more diverse. Students from different cultures and religion attend it. Also, the school pays for most of the school supplies, food, textbooks e.t.c. There are lots of financial aid available for the less fortunates. In spite of all the positive things about Private School, the bad still