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Advice for Future Teacher Cadets
As I look back on my time as a Teacher Cadet this year I can say that there were some things I am glad I did. However, there are also other things I wish I had done. Being a Teacher Cadet is a big responsibility. If a person is not ready to work when entering the class, I do not think it is a program for them. To be successful in the Teacher Cadet program you have to be willing to work hard, be organized, and be up for anything.
When I signed up for Teacher Cadet I knew there was going to be a lot of work involved. It is not an ordinary class where you are constantly being lectured on any certain subject. There is a lot of researching and figuring things out for you. Keeping up with due dates, assignments, and group projects is also all on you. The teacher is not there to direct you every step of the way. Yes, you can ask questions, but ultimately it is up to you to make decisions and get things finished without being reminded as you go. I suggest to anyone interested in participating in this program to expect hard work. I personally was happy that I kept all of the papers I was given. They came to good use when I was actually in the classroom. The work you do at the beginning of the class is not for nothing. It will really help you when you get into the Field Experience. Remember to pay attention to what is being taught, keep class work and handouts, and stay dedicated to the work that is put in front of you.
One thing that I wish I had done during my time as a Teacher Cadet was stay organized. Like I said, I kept all of my papers, but I did not keep them in order. It was a nightmare when I had to find them later for reference. Keeping everything neat and organized will contribute to your success or failure as a Teacher Cadet. I was lucky that I was